At the Computer

Hey, I was at my computer the other day and my screensaver came on. I followed the ball/cube/spiky thing around the screen. I tried to smell it and touch it.

God, I love computers.

Office Fun

The workaday world can get to be a grind at times. So, I like to have fun at the office. I scanned my butt and emailed it to everyone else in the office.

Have a looksee:

Actually, I don't have a job and I don't do any work. I'm lazy and I just lounge around all day and wait to be fed. Nevertheless, I did scan my butt.


Which is the Rugby?

Most of you know that I am a Rugby. And, as you may also know, a Rugby is sometimes hard to identify. You see, a Rugby is what a Rugby will be.

Can you figure out which is the Rugby?

NOT a Rugby.

NOT a Rugby.

This IS a Rugby.


Bowl Full of Kitty

Sam n' Austin received a new bowl from their engagement party. I use it for naps.


Lost My Pen

Hello. Sorry it's been a while since I blogged. You can thank Abbey for inspring me to post again.

Here's a video of me losing a pen and then frantically trying to find it again.


Vote Ron Paul

I'm not a registered voter. Nor am I human.

But, if I were, I would vote Ron Paul.